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Waxing/Hair Removal

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Waxing/Hair Removal

Our Studio NOW offers the Natural Brow Waxing Designer

Our studio provides a natural brow look not overly arched, overly pronounced, harsh or to thin. Brows frame the face, soften and beautify facial features.  Our expertly trained Natural Brow Designer to help you achieve that beautiful natural looking brow, to enhance your beauty.

 Brow revival is a process when your brows are put on a regrowth plan to help grow back the hair back from over waxing
 or over tweezing to create over time a more natural beautiful brow, that is more youthful and beautiful.
If you are blessed with hair and full brows already, your Natural Brow Expert will design a beautiful natural brow you can be proud to wear.

We offer a limited body waxing menu, please note, we do not offer any intimate waxing services. 

*Please note that some facial waxing can be a contraindication with some facial services.

Natural, hard, soft wax and Sugar Paste are available.

We never double dip. We provide clean and sanitary services.

Facial Waxing

Body Waxing

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