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Studio Clear Skin Program

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This program uses the Face Reality product line and program to achieve clear skin once and for all.

We used the Face Reality protocols and products in our Studio.

This program requires a commitment on your behalf and ours, in order to achieve the desired results.

What our customers are saying

I am a 14-year-old male athlete, who never thought I would be getting facials every 2 weeks. Before I started the routine, I had a lot of acne, and my face was not smooth. In the beginning, I did not like it and thought I never would. But after awhile, I got used to it, and saw the shocking results of washing and putting products on my face every day and night. And now, I'm proud to be doing the routine, for I know that every time I do it, I am tremendously improving the look of my skin, instead of standing idly by and letting my skin be untreated. And now when I go out I don't have to hide my face, for it is much smoother and acne-free. 

Kevin, Aliso Viejo

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"Anna is a Miracle worker"!

Mary, Yorba Linda, CA

*Statement from Anna

I am not a miracle worker, :). The proven program, facial protocols, and client compliance is what yields the amazing results seen in our studio. I would love to take all the credit but I am only a vehicle to help guide my clients to a clear skin success story of their own.  

Acne Client

Certified Face Reality Acne Specialist Provider

Our studio is proud to be part of the elite certified Face Reality acne specialist provider locations, SINCE 2011. The Face Reality Acne Program is a successfully proven certification program consisting of treatment facials and home care products, to help you achieve clearer skin in just three to four months without the use of prescription medications either orally or topical. 

We only use the FACE REALITY product line and protocols in our Studio Clear Skin Program

for maximum  & proven results. 

Free shipping  available, please inquire.

Not in area? Distance programs are available. 

If your desire is to be acne free, then reach out to us today for a consultation and get the skin you will love!

Additional client pictures are available in our studio to view.

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 The use of the Face Reality product line is required to be on this program. If you are not willing to commit to the program guidelines, then this program would not be recommended. This program is only for those accepted into our Studio Clear Skin program, deemed at the initial consultation. If this program is something you would like to see if you can be accepted into, then please click here,  to fill out the request form today, 

to get started on your way to a clearer complexion you will love and be proud to wear!

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Studio Clear Skin Program

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What our customers are saying​

I've been a Face Reality client of Anna's for almost a year now, and the improvement in the appearance, texture, and health of my skin is so evident! As someone who's suffered from acne for nearly 15, years, I can honestly say that this regimen is the only thing that's worked for me! Finally! 

Thank you, Anna, and Face Reality!

Maintenance client, Jamie C., Walnut, CA

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Face Reality Products

We carry the entire line of Face Reality products,

in our studio for your convenience. 

We also carry the Priia cosmetic line, the programs approved 100% acne-safe makeup. Please click here for information.

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