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*Cancellation, Late Cancellation, No-show, No Call, Missed appointment 

**Payment & Pre-payment policy

To all regular returning or new clients, a credit card or gift card may be required for prepayment to guarantee or hold an appointment. 

Without a credit card, gift card or prepayment, and/or confirmation of appointment, appointments are not guaranteed, but you will still be liable for payment for missed appointments if scheduled per our policy. 

By scheduling an appointment you are agreeing to our policy as it is listed here on this page.

Please read below.  Clients are responsible for keeping track of their own appointments they make. 

A confirmation text, call or email is a courtesy, not a requirement when making and keeping an appointment. 

Special request appointments before 11:45 am and after 5:30 pm, are available subject to an additional 15% premium fee added to the service(s) scheduled. Pre-payment is required for all special request appointments.

If you need to reschedule or change appointment after pre-payment made. A credit to use for service(s) or products will be applied to your account, to use in the future. No refunds will be given. Please acknowledge, before scheduling or making a pre-payment. 

Scheduling an appointment is required for all aesthetic services and product pickups, due to preparation for services and availability. We do not take walk-ins clients, we are strictly by appointment only.

If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment please take note, in order to not have to require a credit card on file to hold future appointments or require pre-payment, we need a minimum of no less than a 24-hour notice (for weekday appointments) & 48-hour notice is required (for Friday, Saturday and Holiday weekends), to cancel or reschedule appointments, for any reason. 

If you are getting sick, been sick (currently or within two weeks) exposed to anyone with but not limited to a fever, flu, stomach virus or any other contagious virus or infection, have a cold sore (need two weeks clear), shingles or any other skin infection or virus or on antibiotics or been on antibiotics in the last 10-14 days prior to your appointment,  please reschedule or contact our Studio if you are in doubt. You will be sent home if you come in sick or have had recent exposure. All appointment is required to be confirmed as well as confirm you are well per the sickness policy. You will/ may be invoiced for time and service(s) scheduled if you are sent home. 

Arriving late to your appointment; your appointment will be cut the time you are late if we are able to still take you. Appointments later than 10 minutes without any call or text, will be closed out for a no-show, no-call, missed appointment. You will be billed by invoice for the missed appointment due prior to making another appointment. If we need to cut the time of your appointment you still will be charged the full-service price of scheduled appointments. 

Appointment times are reserved only for you. We are not able to double book appointment times, therefore we ask that you take that into consideration when canceling or needing to reschedule, as preparation is needed for most services.

No-Shows, No Call,  Missed, Late Cancellation: Is an appointment that has been scheduled and was confirmed by text, email or phone acknowledgment, but the client never showed up will result in a prepayment for future appointments including payment of the prior missed appointment reserved.

For service(s) scheduled, FULL PAYMENT will be required for all no-show, no call, missed or late cancellations (less than 24 hours). Multiple services scheduled at missed appointment will be billed for all on the invoice.

 PLEASE NOTE; No new appointment, service(s) or product sales with be available until the billed invoice is paid in full. If more than 30 days unpaid. You will no longer be accepted as a client.

An invoice reminder will be sent by text, phone or email. The invoice must be paid before another appointment can be held, SEE ABOVE. A credit card may be required for future appointment reservations.  A no-show, no call, a missed appointment may be required to be pre-paid for future appointments.

**Service and Product Payments:

Payment is due in person,  by credit card on file or by a  prepaid invoice, the same day as services and products rendered and received, if no other prior arrangements have been made.

Our Studio accepts, cash, debit cards, Apple Pay, most major credit cards or gift cards. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS. Please be prepared at the time of appointment to pay for services and products rendered. 

Our Appreciation:

Thank you for supporting small businesses, we truly appreciate you! We strive to give you the best individual attention, thus had to put some policies into action as a result due to some unfortunate experiences.

We do understand that things come up, people get sick and emergencies do happen.

In those situations, fees may be waived due to the circumstances. It is up to our discretion per situation.

*We reserve the right to refuse service, change, cancel or implement new policies or pricing, as needed without notice. We reserve the right to terminate our service provider/client relationship when deemed necessary for noncompliance, nonpayment, disrespectful, inappropriate or abusiveness of any type, without notice. 

Gift Certificates, Gift Cards, Services, and Product refund or exchange Policy;

WE DO NOT GIVE ANY REFUNDS for any service provided, pre-paid or paid by gift certificate.

Gift Certificates are final sale and nonrefundable for any reason. No refunds will be given for lost or damaged gift certificates. Gift Certificates are for a service or an amount. Dollar amount gift certificates are the same as cash to use on services or products. The remainder if any will be given in credit for use at another time. Gift Certificates fora service can only be redeemed for the service on the gift certificate. If you do not want something in the service no credit or extension to another service will be allowed. Service gift certificates are redeemable for that service only, no expectations, please. 

No refunds or cash will be issued for balance left on gift certificates. All gift certificates must be redeemed at the time of scheduling appointments or when you come in for your appointment. Services cannot be issued until the gift certificates are verified and present. If unable to verify, you will need to pay for the service schedule by another method to avoid being billed for the missed appointment scheduled.

Refunds & Exchanges

Products may be exchanged for product only or for service credit within seven days if not open and in original condition, no cash or credit card refunds will be given for any type. Subject to a 25% restocking fee may apply.

Please ask for samples before you buy.

*No layering of discounts or promotions may be applied.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Revised 3/4/2019