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What facial should I select?

Has it been a long time since you had a facial or never? 

Does your skin look dull, feels rough,  do you see blackheads or maybe you see some  

lines around your lips or eyes, but you really want to de-stress from a long week?

No problem, we have got you covered!  

All of our facial services are uniquely customized to address your skins needs (woman, men and teens), the day you come in for your facial. Your licensed skin specialist will examine your skin during a professional skin analysis at every visit, to determine what the best course of action should be taken to achieve the results you desire by having a facial. 

What makes this a unique service, is that you can essentially have two, three, or four types of facials in the same facial. 

 With any of our custom or advanced facials, our skincare and age management facials address all of those areas of concern at your scheduled appointment. 

If reducing the signs of aging is an added concern, please select the Advanced Facials, they are more focus targeted for age management. The time you select is also a factor. With more time at the appointment the more that can be done to achieve your desired goals. 

Derma Filing, Skin Scrubber, High Frequency, Steam, Aromatherapy, Manual, Chemical and Enzyme exfoliation, Hydration infusion, upgraded serums, and specialty mask

are some of the special treatments included in our Advanced & Custom Facials.

 We use a progressive not aggressive approach in our facials. As we get to know your skin we can boost each facial.

Advanced Custom Facial


The advanced custom facial is an upgraded Custom Facial using, even more, top of the line products, ingredients, and modalities. Includes our advanced specialty facial serums & "magic" mask. This is our most requested age management facial in our facial line. See boosters below to boost facial for a more powerful punch.

60 minutes                                                                     115

75 minutes                                                                     125

90 minutes                                                                     135

Custom Clinical Facial

After a skin analysis, a custom facial will be performed for your skin care goals and needs. From deep pore cleansing to deep hydration and everything else in between. Your professional skin analysis and your desired skin result goals will result in a facial your skin will love.  Includes extraction if needed.  *Note this is a clinical facial. There is no changing into a spa gown. 

30-40 minutes                                                      60

60 minutes                                                              85

Advanced Facial Booster

Want to boost the effects of your facial? 

Add-on Boosters

 LED PRO Light For Wrinkles                                  $30

Improve the appearance of  the depth of wrinkles

Adds 30 more minutes to facial


Standalone LED PRO Light for Wrinkles

 This is a standalone 30 mins light session, no facial included.                                                                                        $45

Series Packages are available.

For *accelerated results the recommendation is 2 to 3 sessions a week for 4 weeks,  then monthly maintenance to boost results.

*Some clients may need more or less sessions for desired results.



Need a facial, skin care or makeup consultation, not ready to request a service appointment, request a consultation.

*Excludes consultation for Studio Clear Skin Program

One time only up to 15 minutes                              N/C



Consistency Facial Rewards Program

 We LOVE our clients; therefore, we reward our clients for their loyalty and consistency.

Pre-booking your next appointment qualifies you for a 15% discount every (4-6 weeks), 10% discount every (7-12 weeks) and 5% (13-52 weeks) when returning for your next facial on a consistent basis.

To ensure you can get an appointment on the days and times that work best for you, it is recommended to schedule your appointment before you leave your current one. As always, we truly do appreciate your loyalty and consistency. Without our wonderful client family, we would not have a business. 

Thank you!  You are very important to us! 

We appreciate you more than you know!

*Excludes the Studio Clear Skin Program or Waxing


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