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Pro Beauty Blog 

by Anna @ Studio Cosmetique

Licensed Esthetician & Certified Acne Specialist

Our First Blog Entry: 


October 23. 2017

Like a fine wine. we get better with age. Are you striving for perfection? What is that anyway?

Every year the version of perfection is always changing. Look back throughout our history. How beauty was determined, how society fell under the guidelines of men and women, telling us what perfection is.

Over my lifetime, one regret I have is not accepting my age, body and life stage I was at the time.  When I reflect back,  I want to share with other women and men too, but especially with women because I am one, to LOVE and accept yourself where you are at now.

That is a gift you can give yourself and those around you. To be accepting of your age, weight, life stage and the journey you are currently on. 

Taking the steps to better yourself without being obsessive is healthy. To try to maintain an image of what others think of you or what society tells us we should look and feel like isn't healthy.

What is the motivation in your heart? Are you doing things to improve yourself for the approval or acceptance of others or the society we currently live in? If so, step back and see yourself from YOUR inner self. Taking care of you isn't a selfish thing to do, it is a healthy thing to do for a better you!

Introductory Blog Entry: 

This is a very new and scary venture for me to attempt

October 23. 2017

Welcome to our new blog. The purpose of this blog will be to have motivational and informative content for our audience. We hope to connect and interact with our readers in a way that is, honest, down to earth, refreshing, motivating, rewarding and informative.

This is a very new and scary venture for me to attempt. I do not consider myself a writer by any stretch of the imagination.

However, I do have some good ideas, insights, and information, that my clients seem to enjoy over the years.

We invite you to comment and or ask a question on content you would like to address regarding skin, makeup, fashion, diet, ingredients or related topics. We will do our best to answer all inquiries here if given permission to post or by email you provide. If your inquiry was selected and posted here you may win a special gift for allowing us to post the reply here, selected by a random drawing. 

This isn't like some other blog post, we will be monitoring the content we allow to be posted. We want this to be a safe and enjoyable place to visit while reading some tidbits of truth or tips for a better you!

WE ARE SO GRATEFUL for all of our clients!


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