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A Little About Me The Esthetician

My name is Anna, a Licensed Esthetician for almost twenty years. In 2008, I opened up Studio Cosmetique and became a Certified Face Reality Acne Specialist in 2011. I guess you could say I am one of the OG's. :) Specializing in Acne has been a rewarding benefit of being a Licensed Esthetician. 

In the Summer of 2002, a friend of mine wanted me to register into esthetic school with her to become an esthetician. She ended up not taking the course, but I decided to take the plunge. After all, I had nothing else to do with my time! Ha! I only had four children at the time in four different schools and my youngest then was to start kindergarten in the fall. I persevered and by the close of 2002 I became a licensed esthetician.

Why I do what I do? As a former acne sufferer myself in my late teens, I wanted to help others feel better about themselves. I know that pain of having acne and just wanting to cover up the spots to feel better about my appearance. At the time I had no idea that covering up my skin with heavy makeup was the worse thing I could do for my skin. It wasn't until after I became licensed and started learning more about skin and using professional products that I learned having bumpy skin was actually unhealthy skin. As a result the nature and purpose of opening up my esthetic practice is to help clients look and feel more  confident in their skin. In addition helping them achieve their best skin they can dream of. It warms my heart to see their transformations, when they no longer feel the need to have to hide behind their makeup. The confidence that radiates is so rewarding. Being able to help resolve their acne with compassion, understanding and great products my goal is to create a welcoming environment for all my clients. I believe that no one person is greater than another, no matter who they are, social status, race, gender, age. Skin is skin and we all share that in common. Skin is our largest organ that we wear everyday. If I can help someone feel better in their skin, then I am doing what I was called to do! 

No, I don’t have my picture posted here or on social media. Nor do I have yelp or google reviews. Nor do I have FaceBook for my business. No, what I do have that counts is years of experience, loyalty, client referrals. I am down to earth and humble. I believe these qualities do set me apart. I am not afraid to do me! 

My continuous ongoing education through out the years is also something I have always strive to do to improve my knowledge in my craft. On July 7th 2020, I enrolled into an accredited Organic Skin Care Formulator Diploma Course, to become a skin care formulator with hopes to develop my own brand in the future. Becoming a skin care brand formulator and my esthetic license I believe only complements each other, making me more knowledgeable to help my clients and future clients.

I do hope I get the opportunity to help you achieve your skin care goals. I may specialize in acne, however, I am able to help all skin care concerns from acne to aging and everything else in between. 

Stay well!