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2020 Facial Menu

Our facials combine the beauty of science, the newest technologies and ingredients,

 customized to target most all skin care goals. 

Due to Covid-19, in-person facial services are unavailable until further notice.

 However, you are invited to schedule a complimentary consultation  

with our Virtual Esthetician/Skin Care Coach to discuss 

your skin care and product needs, especially while waiting for in-person services to reopen.

Custom Clinical

Includes a detail professional skin analysis, to determine, what custom corrective facial will be performed for your skin care goals and needs. 

From deep pore cleansing to deep hydration and everything else in between. Your desired skin needs & goals will result in a facial your skin will love. 

 Includes extractions if needed. 

If acne is your concern, the Studio Clear program is a better choice

*Note this is a clinical facial. 

There is no changing into a spa gown.

*75 minutes 105

*60 minutes 85


Advanced Custom

The advanced custom facial is an upgraded luxury corrective custom facial using, even more advanced ingredients & modalities. Includes our advanced specialty facial serums, "magic" mask collection, face, neck and shoulder massage.

Not recommended  for clients with active acne.

80-90 minutes $125

75 minutes  $115

60 minutes. $105




Perfect facial when you just want to relax.  Not recommended if you want to target specific skin conditions or need and want extractions. 

Includes a double cleanse, aromatherapy hot towels, mask, face, neck and shoulder massage.

Not recommended  for active acne clients

50 minutes  75

30 minutes  55



A noninvasive pain free nano-infusion combining  science and beauty for 


Depending on your skin type and needs, customized corrective serums are used to target signs of aging, lines, wrinkles, acne, uneven skin texture, brown spots, dehydration, dryness, etc., as well as relaxing too!

You will feel hydrated, skin will glow and you will see an instant plumpness. 

Eyes and Lips are included.

Nano-Infusion  $125

Nano with LED Light  $155

*Nano-Lux  $155

*Nano-Lux with Light  $185

*Includes face, neck & shoulder massage.

Add on to any other facial 

Rezenerate Eyes & Lips



Lift Me Up

Myolift 600 Microcurrent ™️,


noninvasive technology, ignites ATP stimulation, providing  the ability for long-lasting natural facial lifting and toning results. 

Like the gym for your face! 

Myolift   $135

Myolift -*Lux $165

Myolift  & LED  $165

Myolift, Nano  $185

Myolift, Nano, LED  $215

Upgrade to *Lux + $30

Includes, face, neck and shoulder massage.

Lip or Eye Myolift Mask

Add on or to 

any other facial

$35 per area


LED Light 

The BLUE or RED LED LIGHT can be added to any facial or as a stand-alone service, to help clear acne (acne-fighting) and (anti-aging) for lines, wrinkles, collagen & elastin production, firmer and healthier looking skin. 

The benefits are numerous, FDA cleared, very effective, painless and very relaxing, most clients fall asleep.

Each session is recommended  for 

30 minutes.

Stand-alone  $45

Add on  $30


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